Bad state of performance testing … in the so called technology company

The code is already pushed to production without the load test.   Now the performance team has started the load test. We are seeing high response time and not getting the desired TPS.

The client’s performance engineer looks at the production access logs and says, even in the production we are getting High Response Times and concludes the code is bad. The clients performance engineer nor the performance team  does not bother to find out the root cause of the high response time. To avoid the high response times, on the load generators, timeout has been set to one second. Any response greater than 1 sec is marked as failed. This performance team is going to send these results to the management.

The Performance Team  is not bothered to do the code profiling. The fact is they dont know that the code profiler exists and profiling should be done in such cases

I feel very bad to work with such lousy people when they are not ready to listen. The performance team does not understand anything.

Initially I tried to educate the client and the performance team, but it was futile. At the end of one year, I realised that they are dumb fellows who are not ready to listen to anything. I stopped educating them…

Thanks, Frustrated Performance Engineer.


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