JMeter’s HttpRequest KeepAlive

Problem Statement: Load is not getting distributed equally among all the application servers during the load test.

Description:The client (performance engineer with 9+ years of load testing experience, who manages the team of contractors located at offshore) along with the developers look at the Jmeter script and conclude that keepAlive flag of Jmeters HTTPRequest is the root cause for the load not getting distributed equally. The same was conveyed to offshore performance test architect and requested him to disable the keepAlive flag of Jmeters HTTPRequest and restart the test.

Note:Jmeters HTTPRequest is a simple  post/get request. The response to this request is a xml containing max  of 256 characters. 

The offshore performance test architect does a quick search on the google and tells the team that disabling the keep alive will have a performance impact on the router (not on the load generator where the jmeter script is running). 

Thanks, Frustrated Performance Engineer


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